How long will my order take?

For our standard delivery service:

Engraved 'More than words' Products - We aim to dispatch these personalised products within 5 working days of your order being placed.

Engraved 'Handprint' Products - We aim to dispatch these products within 5 working days of receiving your useable handprints.

Handmade Products - We aim to dispatch these products within 10 working days of receiving your order/useable handprints.

Standard delivery service is sent via Royal Mail Tracked 48

How do I take prints for my handprint/fingerprint order?

We are able to use any prints that you already have, which may have been taken with paint, ink or invisible ink. If you don't have any prints that you would like to use, then all of our handprint products offer you the option to order a FREE handprint taking kit when you place your order. These kits are really easy to use and less messy than using paint!

Once you've taken your prints you can send them to us via post (there is a freepost envelope included with your kit). We do recommend that you send your prints back via email though, as it is quicker and safer to do so, it also means you can keep the original prints as a keepsake. You can either scan your prints, or take a high resolution photo with your phone and send them to

How do I use prints that I already have?

We simply need a copy of the prints that you already have. You can either scan the prints or take a high resolution photo and email them to Alternatively, you can photocopy them and send them via post to our studio:

Bella & Bow Ltd, 3b The Common, Parbold, Lancashire, WN8 7DA.

Can I return/exchange my item or cancel an order?

Goods that are personalised, bespoke or made-to-order to your specific requirements are non-refundable, unless faulty. All other items can be returned if they are in their original packaging, please contact us within 7 days to arrange any returns. 

Please see here for our full returns ad cancellation policy.

    How do I upload prints that I already have?

    For our handprint products, you are able to upload a jpeg (photo) file with your order. Use the 'upload prints' facility when you pick your product options. If you have more than one image to send us, then please email them to, using your order number as a reference.

    My item has not arrived on time, what should I do?

    Once an order has been dispatched via Royal Mail you should receive a confirmation shipping email. Your order can be tracked here . If you are unable to receive your delivery, then the postman will usually put it thorough your door or leave a delivery card. If the item is not received by the confirmed date, please check with the local depot. Occasionally deliveries may be delayed during busy periods such as Christmas. Unfortunately we have no control over delays that are due to Royal Mail. Please be patient if this is the case and keep tracking the item via the Royal Mail website.

    What do I do if I'm not happy with the prints that i've taken?

    There are very few handprints that we are unable to use, and most of the time we can clean up any smudges that are made during the print taking process. If you are unhappy with the prints that you've taken, then please send us a photo or scan of them anyway, along with a note explaining that you would like us to take a look at them for you. We can normally edit them and send a copy back to you to check before processing your order.

    If you would prefer to order a replacement kit to take another set of prints, then they are available to purchase via our website.


    Websites for healthy family meals

    Websites for healthy family meals

    Anyone with children will know; it’s not always easy to get them eating healthy! But if you’re looking to improve the health of your entire family, you don’t want to be cooking different options for the fussy eaters. You want healthy family meals that everyone will love.

    When it comes to finding inspiration, there’s a range of websites you can check out. Here’s a rundown of the popular websites that have recipes for healthy family meals that the whole family will love.

    Jamie Oliver’s super food family classics

    From jumbo fish fingers through to shepherds pie and pineapple pancake mess, Jamie has a range of meals designed to get the entire family eating healthily. There are many classic recipes in here, as well as a few that will become new classics for mealtimes!

    He also has some great tips on how to get the kids involved in cooking.

    Supermarket healthy family meal recipes

    Many of the supermarkets have their own recipe sections. Tesco has a range of healthy family meal ideas that will suit even the pickiest of eaters. From roasts to pasta dishes, traybakes to gluten-free options, there’s plenty of choice here.

    Lidl and Aldi are no exception. Check out Lidl’s Key lime pie snack balls and Asian vegetable noodle salad. Whilst Aldi has some excellent back to school recipes and healthy main meals, including Thai style king prawn oriental stir fry and Chicken mango salad.

    Meanwhile, Sainsbury’s have a range of healthy family recipes. Simply use the sidebar to select the options you want, including low fat, low salt and whether you wish to make ahead or opt for quick and easy.

    If Asda is your supermarket of choice, head on over to their site. You’ll find their recipes aren’t so easily sortable, as they don’t have a healthy option in their filters, but what they do have is this excellent article listing health meals that aren’t salads!

    BBC Good Food

    If you’re trying to eat healthily as a family, the BBC Good Food website has you covered. There’s a whole raft of ideas, including The best cottage pie and Veggie slow cooker curry. Keep scrolling down their healthy family food page and you’ll find options for cheap, easy, lower salt, make ahead and even veggie family favourites.

    Good To Know Website

    Another place you can explore, for healthy family meals is the Good To Know website. They have compiled a list of 50 healthy family meals, including recipes from Weight Watchers, Tom Kerridge and the Hairy Bikers.

    NHS Change 4 Life Website

    One place you may not have thought of looking for healthy family meals is the NHS website. But they have a wealth of information for you, including a weekly meal plan, seasonal recipes and easy dinner ideas for quick, easy and healthy family meals. It’s definitely worth bookmarking the Change 4 Life website, as they have a whole range of articles to help you and your family stay healthy, including tips on mental wellbeing tips for parents and fun games to get kids moving.

    It’s not always easy to get the entire family eating healthily. But with so many websites and healthy family meal recipes to choose from, there’s bound to be enough ideas for you to try out. So why not check out the above sites and see how you get on!

    Do you have any great tips for getting your family to eat healthily? Why not share them in the comments section below.

    Summer craft ideas

    Summer craft ideas

    The summer holidays are in full swing. For many parents though, with the lockdown restrictions and homeschooling, it already feels as though the children have been home forever! 


    In a recent blog on making family summer memories, I put a few ideas together to help you use the summer to make memories that will last long into the colder months.


    But what if you’ve already worked through those tasks and are fresh out of ideas? How can you keep them entertained for a little while longer?


    Here are a few summer craft ideas you can use to keep your children entertained, whilst we still have the nice weather.


    Paint rocks 
    There are so many creative ways children can think up, to cheer up a rock. With a little bit of paint, they can create a masterpiece or a new rock friend. Over on the ‘Hello, Wonderful’ website they suggest making and painting rock fish, whilst ‘Sustain my Craft Habit’ suggest painting flowers. I think both would be perfect for boys and girls alike, no matter how old or young they are.


    Suncatcher Jellyfish 
    Another popular option is to create something that radiates sunlight, and what’s more attractive, than these suncatcher jellyfish. ‘I heart arts n crafts’ have simple instructions for creating them - you’ll find them here:


    DIY fruit fans
    The hot weather can get to everyone and what better way to keep cool, than with a pretty little fan. ‘The Idea Room’ website has a rundown on how to make and decorate your own.


    Ice painting
    Perfect for cooling down and getting a little creative. You can make your own ice paint, with these simple instructions over on the ‘Easy Peasy and Fun’ website. 


    Sponge sailboats 
    Water play is always popular in the summer and these boats are fun to make and play with. The ‘Easy Peasy and Fun’ website have the details on how to make them:


    Splat painting 
    What’s not to love about this craft idea! You have paint-soaked cotton wool balls and your children get to hit them with a wooden mallet (or squish them with a filled water bottle, if you’d rather!). You’ll find all the instructions over on ‘The Artful Parent website’.


    Bubble printing with bubble snakes 
    Whilst you’re over on ‘The Artful Parent’ website, check out this craft idea. It’s another paint and water-based craft activity, but your children can create the bubble snake maker and then use it to create arty designs!


    It’s not always easy thinking up ideas to keep the children entertained during the summertime, whether it’s school holidays or in general during the warmer months. The craft ideas above will help you have different craft activities up your sleeve to help alleviate the boredom and to keep the children entertained during the warmer weather. Whilst some of the craft ideas can be created inside if the weather’s bad, they each offer a great incentive to get the children outside and enjoying the good weather whilst it’s here.


    Let us know how you got on with the above activities, by leaving a comment below...
    Tips for keeping kids entertained in the summer holidays

    Tips for keeping kids entertained in the summer holidays

    Summer is the perfect time to make memories with your children. The (mostly!) nice weather enables them to blow off steam and enjoy the summer. But if you don’t have a plan to keep the kids entertained in the summer holidays, they’ll end up bored and you’ll be a totally frazzled parent! 


    So if you’re wondering how an earth you can be organised enough to keep kids and parents happy over the summer period, here’s what you need to know.


    Plan out a schedule for activities 


    If you want to keep the kids entertained, you’ll need to be organised, you need a plan. You don’t have to plan every minute of every day but opt to pencil in a few activities throughout the week. Children like to get involved if it involves planning things for them so why not look to include them in your planning session? They could help come up with ideas and create a colourful schedule to pin on the fridge, so everyone knows what’s planned.


    Opt for theme days to keep the kids entertained


    Theme days can work really well. They add a nice dynamic and also help minimise preparation, as you can batch similar activities together - such as Water Wednesday or Music Monday.


    Have a backup plan for rainy days 


    It always pays to have a backup plan in place, especially with the unreliability of the British weather! So have a few activities on standby for if the weather turns. It could be a specific indoor activity or you could have a treasure chest of toys and games that only come out when you’re stuck indoors.


    It’s ok to include a little screen time!


    Just because the weather’s nice, doesn’t always mean children want to spend all their time outside. If you want to keep the kids entertained in the summer holidays, it doesn’t hurt to include a little screen time. They can use this time as a chillout space or quiet time, if you need a chillout time for yourself.


    If in doubt, keep the kids entertained with a simple scavenger hunt 


    The great thing about a scavenger hunt is it doesn’t matter where you are or what the weather is doing! You can use things already in your garden (a flower bud or a leaf with a hole in) or hide things around a room or the house (such as a soft toy, a button etc). And even if you’re out and about, you can create an alphabet scavenger hunt, to keep the children entertained. You’ll just need to get a little creative with X, Y and Z!


    Summer is the perfect time to make memories with your children. The nice weather means they can blow off steam and enjoy the weather. But if you want to make it easier on yourself, use the tips above to get a little organised.


    Not only will it help ensure you can keep the kids entertained in the summer holidays, but it also means you can enjoy yourself and relax a little more, knowing it’s all organised ahead of time. And if you’re looking for a few ideas to help entertain the children, check out this post on how to make family summer memories.