Is there an age limit for taking the prints?

There are no age limits for the prints. We have made jewellery using prints from newborns right up to great grandparents.

Is it difficult to take a print of my child’s hand or foot print?

No. All our kits have been designed so that they are really easy to use. 

Hand and footprints are taken using our non-toxic inkless wipe system, which is safe to use from birth. Taking a print is very easy; you simply need to follow our easy to use instructions which can be found here.

How do you take the fingerprints?

Fingerprints for our handcrafted range are taken using a special putty. This is also really easy to do, you can view the instructions here. Fingerprints tend to become more defined as children get older, but we have made charms using prints from very young children. Taking the thumb print in young children can give a more defined print for us to work with.

I already have some prints that I would like to use.

We can use any prints that you already have, including those taken with paint. We can also use prints that have been taken at the hospital when a child is born. We have made many pieces of memorial jewellery using prints that have been taken in this way. Please contact us for more information, or if you have any questions about the suitability of prints that you already have.

Once I have taken my prints, how do I return them to you?

You can return them directly to us at the studio using the prepaid envelope included in your order kit. Or, if you would like to keep the original prints yourself then you can scan them and email them to us: studio@bellaandbow.co.uk

Please ensure that you save the image in a high resolution format and remember to include your name and order number.  We will e-mail you to confirm receipt of the image. Please do not send the image as a .pdf file as we are unable to edit this file type. 

Do you keep a copy of the prints?

Yes, we will always keep a copy of the prints on file. We don't currently return the original prints to you, so if you wish to keep them please send a scanned copy via email to studio@bellaandbow.co.uk. Unless you request otherwise, we will only keep the original paper prints for 12 months. If you would like the prints returning, please contact us for further information. There will be a charge to return the original prints.

Am I able to re-order using the same print?

Yes, that’s absolutely fine.  A lot of our customers contact us to re-order. Please quote your original order reference when placing an further order.

 Is the jewellery made from real silver?

All our handcrafted charms are made from sterling silver.  Sterling silver is a harder material than the fine silver which a lot of companies use to make their charms. This means that it is much more resilient to damage from everyday wear, and far less likely to dent and scratch. All our jewellery that requires hallmarking is sent to a UK based assay office for it’s purity to be verified, it is then marked with the assay quality mark and our own individual sponsors mark. You can view the dealers notice here.

Our engraved range consists of a variety of materials. Please view the individual item descriptions for more information.

How is the jewellery made?

Handcrafted Range - Each item is lovingly handmade from solid sterling silver, as as such is completely unique. Each piece will vary slightly in size and shape, especially for subsequent orders which are made at a different time. Various processes are undertaken and the jewellery is polished meticulously using varying grades to ensure a lovely shiny mirror finish. The nature of these handmade silver products is such that a totally flawless finish is not achievable, but we truly believe that the finish on our products is amongst the best that can be achieved. The prints that you send us are all hand edited to ensure that the best possible results are achieved when stamping into the silver. The stamped image is then darkened to bring out the details, but this will again be hand finished, which may lead to some pieces being lighter or darker than others. 

Engraved Range - Each print that is sent is edited by hand to ensure that the best results are achieved. The layout of each piece is then individually designed to make sure that it works best for the shape of each print. As such, items will vary in design and are all as unique as the prints that we receive. The prints are then surface engraved onto your chosen product.   

You really can guarantee that there is nobody out there with the exact same piece of jewellery and the print is totally unique to your loved one.

Is the jewellery suitable for everyday wear?

Handcrafted Range - These charms are made from solid sterling silver which is harder wearing than the fine silver that a lot of keepsake companies use. It produces a beautiful shiny mirror finish. The print is stamped deep into the silver, and as such will not wear away or lose detail during everyday wear. 

Engraved Range - These are made from various material including sterling silver and stainless steel. The prints are surface engraved giving a more subtle look than the handcrafted range. The surface of the products may scratch over time with general wear, and this may over time cause the print to be less pronounced. We therfore recommend that they are used for special occasion wear.

Can I buy a piece of fingerprint or handprint jewellery as a gift?

We can supply beautifully presented gift packs, which contain everything that the recipient needs to take prints for their selected gift. Our gift vouchers are engraved, which means that they can be personalised with a value or product that you would like to gift, along with a personalised message. We can also deliver directly to the gift recipient, simply send us a message with your order to let us know the details.