How long will my order take?

For our standard delivery service:

Engraved 'More than words' Products - We aim to dispatch these personalised products within 5 working days of your order being placed.

Engraved 'Handprint' Products - We aim to dispatch these products within 5 working days of receiving your useable handprints.

Handmade Products - We aim to dispatch these products within 10 working days of receiving your order/useable handprints.

Standard delivery service is sent via Royal Mail Tracked 48

How do I take prints for my handprint/fingerprint order?

We are able to use any prints that you already have, which may have been taken with paint, ink or invisible ink. If you don't have any prints that you would like to use, then all of our handprint products offer you the option to order a FREE handprint taking kit when you place your order. These kits are really easy to use and less messy than using paint!

Once you've taken your prints you can send them to us via post (there is a freepost envelope included with your kit). We do recommend that you send your prints back via email though, as it is quicker and safer to do so, it also means you can keep the original prints as a keepsake. You can either scan your prints, or take a high resolution photo with your phone and send them to

How do I use prints that I already have?

We simply need a copy of the prints that you already have. You can either scan the prints or take a high resolution photo and email them to Alternatively, you can photocopy them and send them via post to our studio:

Bella & Bow Ltd, 3b The Common, Parbold, Lancashire, WN8 7DA.

Can I return/exchange my item or cancel an order?

Goods that are personalised, bespoke or made-to-order to your specific requirements are non-refundable, unless faulty. All other items can be returned if they are in their original packaging, please contact us within 7 days to arrange any returns. 

Please see here for our full returns ad cancellation policy.

    How do I upload prints that I already have?

    For our handprint products, you are able to upload a jpeg (photo) file with your order. Use the 'upload prints' facility when you pick your product options. If you have more than one image to send us, then please email them to, using your order number as a reference.

    My item has not arrived on time, what should I do?

    Once an order has been dispatched via Royal Mail you should receive a confirmation shipping email. Your order can be tracked here . If you are unable to receive your delivery, then the postman will usually put it thorough your door or leave a delivery card. If the item is not received by the confirmed date, please check with the local depot. Occasionally deliveries may be delayed during busy periods such as Christmas. Unfortunately we have no control over delays that are due to Royal Mail. Please be patient if this is the case and keep tracking the item via the Royal Mail website.

    What do I do if I'm not happy with the prints that i've taken?

    There are very few handprints that we are unable to use, and most of the time we can clean up any smudges that are made during the print taking process. If you are unhappy with the prints that you've taken, then please send us a photo or scan of them anyway, along with a note explaining that you would like us to take a look at them for you. We can normally edit them and send a copy back to you to check before processing your order.

    If you would prefer to order a replacement kit to take another set of prints, then they are available to purchase via our website.


    Mother's Day gifts for nanny, nana or grandma

    Mother's Day gifts for nanny, nana or grandma

    When it comes to Mother’s Day, it isn’t just mum that you can celebrate and treat. For many, it’s the time to also search for gifts for nanny (nana or grandma, if you prefer!). It’s often nanny who babysat you or even brought you up, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to buy her something special as a big thank you.

    So if you’re looking for something special as a showcase of your love, here are some popular options to help you choose.

    Personalised gifts for nanny from you all

    If you’re looking for something that can cater for more than one person, check out our sterling silver Handprint Necklace. It can fit up to three different hand or footprints and names on the front, along with a short message on the back. Alternatively, if you’re not looking to add a message, you can opt to have two names and handprints on the front, with the third set on the back.

    Due to the space required for hand or footprints, you’ll want to check out the individual options, as each has slight variations.

    Handprint Necklace - one child option.

    Handprint Necklace - two children option.

    Handprint Necklace - three children option.

    Mother’s Day necklace gifts for nanny

    If nanny loves a necklace, we have a few options for you. Our Heart Fingerprint Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewellery and has room for a fingerprint and name on the front, with a personalised message or date on the back. Another great option is our Disc Fingerprint Necklace - you can find that one here.

    Looking for something a little different? Why not turn their grandchild’s best drawing into a beautiful piece of jewellery art? This Children’s Drawing Heart Necklace is a perfect example of a unique gift. Another option is the Photo Engraved Necklace - a great option if you want to have one or two photos showing off those gorgeous grandchildren!

    Mother’s Day practical gift ideas

    If nanny’s not a fan of necklaces and would prefer something a little more practical, why not take a look at these alternative gift ideas?

    Keyrings are always popular, especially if they come with bragging rights! Our dog tag shaped Handprint Keyring can hold up to four hand or footprints, along with a message on the reverse. Prefer a fingerprint keyring? We have one of those here - again, with space for up to four fingerprints. 

    You can also opt for showcasing a grandchild’s work of art on our Children’s Drawing Keyring. This is a dog tag shaped keyring with space on the back for a message of choice. And what about showing off your grandchild on our chunky square Photo Engraved Keyring? You can opt for a photo on the front with a special message on the back or a photo on both sides of the keyring.

    Charm bead gift ideas for nanny

    Finally, if you’re looking for a small token of your love and appreciation for nanny, why not opt for one of our sterling silver bead charms? Again, we have a few options for you, and they’re compatible with most brands of charm bracelet. Choose from our Handprint Heart Charm Bead, Fingerprint Heart Charm Bead, Handprint Star Charm Bead, and Fingerprint Star Charm Bead. They each come with the option of adding a name, date or special short message on the back.

    When it comes to finding gifts for nanny, nana or grandma, we have so many great options for you. If you’re not sure where to start, head on over to our most popular section - you’ll find that here.

    Personalised Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Personalised Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Are you looking for personalised Mother’s Day gift ideas? When it comes to true personalisation, you can beat a piece of hand or fingerprint jewellery.

    Not only does jewellery make for a stunning gift, personalising it with a print will make it a unique, one-of-a-kind keepsake. It’s a perfect way to keep loved ones close, even when you can’t be together, and it’s the ideal gift for thanking someone who’s always there for you.

    But if you’re wondering what options are available, don’t worry! Here’s a rundown of our latest new products that each make for a perfect Mother’s Day gift!

    Fingerprint jewellery gifts for mums

    We have so many great gift ideas for mum, suitable for all tastes. First up, we have a Personalised Fingerprint Locket Necklace. You can pop a photo of a loved one inside, add a fingerprint on the front, and engrave the reverse with a name, date, or special words.

    Are you looking for a smaller necklace, or is mum not a fan of lockets? Check out our Small Fingerprint Disc Necklace. It has room for a fingerprint on the front and a few special words, name or date on the reverse. Alternatively, our Fingerprint Charm Necklace makes for a beautifully simple necklace and has room for a name or date on the back. It also comes with an adjustable (16” to 18”) sterling silver trace chain.

    Our Fingerprint Bar Necklace is perfect if you’re looking for something that can accommodate one or two fingerprints. If you opt for the single fingerprint option, you have room for a name on the front, next to your fingerprint of choice. The two fingerprint option has room for an ‘&’  or ‘heart’ symbol in the middle. Both options have room on the back for personalisation.

    Mother’s Day personalised handprint gifts

    If you’re looking for something a little different, our handprint jewellery is a good choice. The stunning Small Handprint Disc Necklace can be engraved on the front with a hand or footprint, whilst you can have a name engraved on the back. It comes supplied with a sterling silver trace chain which is adjustable to 16” and 18”.

    If you’re looking for a joint Mother’s Day gift option, our Handprint Charm Necklace is perfect for you. It’s a sterling silver trace chain again, but this one comes with a sterling silver charm, showcasing a hand or footprint. But this necklace has additional charm options. This means you can order one or two extra chams, each with their own hand or footprint too - perfect for you and your siblings to gift mum one perfect, personalised gift. Oh, and you can also engrave the reverse of each charm with your name!

    And finally, if mum wants to keep her pets close to her, we have an option for that too! Our Pawprint Charm Necklace also comes with up to three charm beads, and each one will have a beautiful paw print engraved on the front. You can also personalise the back with your pet’s names, making it a great way to remember a lost and loved pet.

    You can find out more about the individual Mother’s Day gift ideas through the individual links above. Alternatively, if you’d like to view all of our new products, you’ll find them here:

    Fingerprint jewellery vs handprint jewellery

    Fingerprint jewellery vs handprint jewellery

    Are you looking to create a really unique gift for someone? If so, fingerprint or handprint jewellery is the perfect choice. Not only is each piece of jewellery unique, but the print you take is also capturing the most intricate detail of an individual print forever.

    But is there a difference between fingerprint and handprint jewellery? Does the size of print dictate the type of item you can buy? If you’ve wondered about your available options and the processes used to create them, then read on!

    Fingerprint and handprint jewellery

    The beauty of fingerprint and handprint jewellery is no matter which option you choose, it will make for a great gift. They’re both suitable for any occasion, including birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.

    There are also various options to choose from, catering for different preferences and tastes. Some of our items (such as our Handprint and Fingerprint Keyrings and the Men’s and Women’s Leather ID Handprint Bracelet) have space for up to four different prints. Many items also have capacity for a print on both the front and reverse side of an item - such as our Silver Ball Fingerprint Bracelet or the Silk Cord Handprint Bracelet.

    Whether you opt for an intricately detailed fingerprint or the hand or footprint of your little one, prints are miniaturised by our experts and engraved onto quality products.

    How to take the prints you need

    No matter which option you choose, it’s easy to get the print you need. 

    Hand and footprints are taken using our non-toxic inkless wipe system, which is safe to use from birth. Taking a print is very easy; you simply need to follow our easy to use instructions which can be found here.

    Fingerprints for our handcrafted range are taken using a special putty. This is also really easy to do, and you can view the instructions for taking prints here. Fingerprints tend to become more defined as children get older, but we have made charms using prints from very young children. Taking the thumbprint in young children can give a more defined print for us to work with.


    What happens to the prints once you’ve finished?

    We always keep a copy of the prints on file. Ideally, you’ll want to scan your prints before sending them. If you send us an original print and want it returned, you’ll need to email us and let us know.

    The good news is that keeping the prints on files means it’s really easy for you to reorder if needed! Just quote your original order number when ordering again. If you’d like to browse our collections, you’ll find them both here - Fingerprint Gift Range, Handprint Gifts

    Both fingerprint and handprint jewellery make for a perfect gift. Not only are they unique, but they’re also a beautiful way to capture an event, mark an occasion or celebrate a moment in time. They’re the ideal way to capture the tiny handprint of a newborn, as well as treasuring the fingerprint of a loved one who’s passed - ensuring they’re always close to you and loved, no matter the passing of time or the distance involved.