Taking Handprints

Taking handprints and footprints

We can use any paint or ink handprints that you already have, and they will be suitable for any of our handprint products, including our engraved and handmade ranges. We do NOT need your original print, so the best way to send a copy to us is by taking a good clear photo (using your phone) and email it to us. We just need a good large high quality image, which has been taken in good light.

I don't have an ink handprint and am unable to take another one?

For memorial pieces, where you are unable to take more prints, we can generally work with any form of prints that you already have. We have even make jewellery using photos of casts that have been taken. The type of product that we are able to recommend may vary depending on the quality & type of prints that you have, so please contact us for further information before placing your order.

I need a print kit urgently?

Please contact us via email if you require a kit urgently. We pick up emails regularly & should be able to post your kit within one working day. 

What age can we take prints from?

Handprints and footprints can be taken from birth, and there is no maximum age or size for prints.

I don't think my prints are good enough?

The quality of the handprint will affect the overall result, so if you are unsure whether your handprint is clear enough then please contact us with a copy of the print for further advice.

Taking your prints

Our kits are easy to use and much less messy that paint. They come with full instructions and lots of tips to get the best results that you can.