Taking Fingerprints

Taking fingerprints for our engraved range

We can make jewellery using prints that you already have, or you can take prints using either ink or pencil. Both methods should give great detail, and we can capture the intricate patterns that are unique to every individual print.

What age can we take prints from?

Fingerprints can be undefined in small babies and young children. We recommend waiting until the child is at least 12 months old before taking fingerprints. Some children can have well defined prints at just a few months old, whereas others may still be difficult to see at 18 months old.

Taking your prints

You don't need any kit to take a pencil fingerprint, just a soft pencil, some paper and some sticky tape. 

The Pencil Method

- Using a soft pencil, colour a small area of paper (approximately 3cm square), repeatedly going over the top of your colouring in.

- Gently rub on the patch of pencil with a clean dry finger.

- Once the finger tip is well covered with the pencil, place the finger onto the sticky side of some sticky tape.

- When you peel the tape off, you will reveal a pencil finger print which should have transferred onto the sticky tape.

- Now stick the tape down to a clean sheet of paper to inspect your print.

Our Print Kits

If you would prefer to order one of our kits, they contain an ink strip for you to use to take the prints. 

Taking ink fingerprints or pencil fingerprints