Men's Leather Fingerprint Bracelet - Multiple Prints
Men's Leather Fingerprint Bracelet - Multiple Prints
Men's leather fingerprint bracelet
Men's Leather Fingerprint Bracelet - Multiple Prints
Men's leather fingerprint bracelet
Men's Leather Fingerprint Bracelet - Multiple Prints
Men's leather fingerprint bracelet
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Men's Leather Fingerprint Bracelet - Multiple Prints

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If you have some prints already that you would like to use, you can upload it here, or email to
Generally suitable for prints from age 12 months, although fingerprints can take even longer to develop their detail. Please tick the box to confirm suitability.

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Create a beautiful bespoke gift by capturing up to three fingerprints on this simple and stylish leather and stainless steel bracelet. Made from high quality leather with a strong, easy to use clasp, and available in two colours.

Wear for casual or formal occasions to keep a loved one close by. A lovely birthday, wedding or anniversary gift. Add an initial over each fingerprint (if required), and a short message to the small side of the clasp. Why not add a secret message to the back of the clasp (additional charge)?

Your unique print is engraved into the surface of this bracelet, and give a lovely subtle look, which sparkles when it catches the light.

We can use prints that you already have, or you can order one of our print taking kits. Take a look at our instructions on how to best take your prints here.

The quality of the print will affect the outcome of the engraving, so if you are unsure whether your print is clear enough, then please contact us for further information.

Available in various sizes.

Available in black or dark brown colour.

Up to three fingerprints engraved onto the large clasp and a short message on the small clasp (approximately 20 characters maximum).

Additional 'secret' message on reverse of the clasp - additional charge.

We recommend our engraved fingerprint range for adults and children. Children's fingerprints can take time to develop and so we recommend taking prints from 12 months of age, although some children do have defined prints before this. For more information on taking prints, see here.

You can order one of our free print kits with this product to take your fingerprints, or use the pencil method described here. We can also use prints that you have already, we just need a good clear photo to be uploaded, sent via email or post.

These bracelets are leather and should be kept away from water to make sure they live a long and happy life.

To open the bracelet, lift the large clasp (in your right hand) upwards. It slots in and out and has an internal clip to make it extra secure.

The exact layout of the engraving will be decided by the designers based on the details in the prints and length of any details to be engraved.

These bracelets are not adjustable and we are unable to alter the length after engraving. Please ensure that you select the correct size, as a replacement bracelet in a different size will carry an additional charge.

Size - Various sizes available.

Clasp is approximately 35mm x 12mm

Material - Stainless steel and leather

Delivery - With our standard service, this product will be dispatched within 5 working days of receiving your useable prints. Expedited service also available.