How long will my order take?

For our standard delivery service:

Engraved 'More than words' Products - We aim to dispatch these personalised products within 5 working days of your order being placed.

Engraved 'Handprint' Products - We aim to dispatch these products within 5 working days of receiving your useable handprints.

Handmade Products - We aim to dispatch these products within 10 working days of receiving your order/useable handprints.

Standard delivery service is sent via Royal Mail Tracked 48

How do I take prints for my handprint/fingerprint order?

We are able to use any prints that you already have, which may have been taken with paint, ink or invisible ink. If you don't have any prints that you would like to use, then all of our handprint products offer you the option to order a FREE handprint taking kit when you place your order. These kits are really easy to use and less messy than using paint!

Once you've taken your prints you can send them to us via post (there is a freepost envelope included with your kit). We do recommend that you send your prints back via email though, as it is quicker and safer to do so, it also means you can keep the original prints as a keepsake. You can either scan your prints, or take a high resolution photo with your phone and send them to

How do I use prints that I already have?

We simply need a copy of the prints that you already have. You can either scan the prints or take a high resolution photo and email them to Alternatively, you can photocopy them and send them via post to our studio:

Bella & Bow Ltd, 3b The Common, Parbold, Lancashire, WN8 7DA.

Can I return/exchange my item or cancel an order?

Goods that are personalised, bespoke or made-to-order to your specific requirements are non-refundable, unless faulty. All other items can be returned if they are in their original packaging, please contact us within 7 days to arrange any returns. 

Please see here for our full returns ad cancellation policy.

    How do I upload prints that I already have?

    For our handprint products, you are able to upload a jpeg (photo) file with your order. Use the 'upload prints' facility when you pick your product options. If you have more than one image to send us, then please email them to, using your order number as a reference.

    My item has not arrived on time, what should I do?

    Once an order has been dispatched via Royal Mail you should receive a confirmation shipping email. Your order can be tracked here . If you are unable to receive your delivery, then the postman will usually put it thorough your door or leave a delivery card. If the item is not received by the confirmed date, please check with the local depot. Occasionally deliveries may be delayed during busy periods such as Christmas. Unfortunately we have no control over delays that are due to Royal Mail. Please be patient if this is the case and keep tracking the item via the Royal Mail website.

    What do I do if I'm not happy with the prints that i've taken?

    There are very few handprints that we are unable to use, and most of the time we can clean up any smudges that are made during the print taking process. If you are unhappy with the prints that you've taken, then please send us a photo or scan of them anyway, along with a note explaining that you would like us to take a look at them for you. We can normally edit them and send a copy back to you to check before processing your order.

    If you would prefer to order a replacement kit to take another set of prints, then they are available to purchase via our website.


    Tips for those starting school this September

    Tips for those starting school this September

    For those that are starting school, it can be an emotional time. There is the excitement of a coming of age moment, when your little one is spreading their wings and exploring a whole new world. There is also the worry of them leaving you, will they like it, will they make friends, are they prepared for it?

    Working in partnership with parenting expert Liat Hughes Joshi, LeapFrog is providing parents with practical tips and activities that they can practice with their children over summer. The brand has recently launched its latest educational toy, LeapStart, an interactive learning system which aligns with the school curriculum and teaches children key school and life skills. (Review from W, our resident 4 year old, coming soon)


    Liat Hughes Joshi comments: “A child’s first day at school is such an emotional time for the whole family. It’s important to remember that in preparing for this day, it’s not about competitive parenting, but more about giving children the skills to make sure they can be confident and happy and ease into this new stage in their lives”. Her top tips for parents who have children starting school this year are:

    1.     DO talk to them about the idea of school – tell them about your own positive school experiences and find out any specific concerns they have about not having mum or dad around.

    2.     DO attend settling-in days to help them to feel more relaxed – they’ll be able to meet the teacher and experience the classroom environment. Point out things they will be able to enjoy next time they come to school, such as the playground.

    3.     DO help them find a familiar face if your child isn’t starting school with friends from their existing nursery or preschool.

    4.     DO arrange a meet up - ask among local friends to see who has a child starting the same school and arrange meet ups if you can, like a picnic or a visit to the local playground.

    5.     DO teach them ‘self care’ – like undressing and dressing themselves for PE – practice this over the summer with clothing that has zips and buttons.

    6.     DO teach them how to eat independently with cutlery, get them chopping and slicing their food as much as possible.

    7.     DO toilet train them (again!) so they know how and when they can ask to use the toilet, how to wipe up and wash their hands properly.

    8.     DO practice counting up to 10 in your daily activities, as this forms the core of maths learning in the first year of school and start looking at basic sums, using practical items around the house.

    9.     DO introduce books and stories so your little one can see how letters correspond to sounds and words to sentences. Sharing stories and pointing out specific sounds is a gentle way to introduce this.

    10.   DO teach them to recognise their name so they can find their coat peg or spot the name label on their jumper in a pile of others.

    11.   DO see using apps as a positive to help – we all worry about too much screen time but good quality, well designed apps can be an engaging way to learn.

    12.   DO encourage basic etiquette, namely taking turns and listening when others speak.

    13.   DO practice sitting still!  Practice for half an hour at first and introduce sedentary activities, for example, completing a jigsaw puzzle, to help with this.

    14.   DO role play to help your child to feel comfortable approaching and talking to their teachers and to not be intimidated.

    15.   DO take time to reassure them of any anxieties, even if you’re feeling worried yourself!


    How are you and your little ones feeling about this school term? I'd love to read your comments below x

    Free activities for children this summer

    Free activities for children this summer

    Make a treasure hunt

    Take your little ones toys and hide them around the house. Tell them how many items they are looking for, give them a bucket to collect their “treasures” in, and spend an afternoon giggling together!


    Create a fort out of pillows and blankets

    Gather up any materials you can find such as pillows, blankets and cushions. They can set them up any way they want; the sky really is the limit. Once you have your fort ready to go, gather up some books and toys and play inside.


    Start a game of hide and seek

    This is an old one but a good one, and you can do it either indoors or out. If your children are very young, keep them in one general area.  If they are older, spread out a little.


    Have a party

    Turn on some music and encourage your children to get up and dance! Make it into game to see who can come up with the most creative moves. You may not feel like dancing when you first begin, but by the time you get moving, you will feel better. And, when you are thoroughly exhausted, you can elect yourself the judge and have your children perform for you.


    Get some fresh air

    Find a park or a path to walk on. Visit the ducks. Go to a playground to let your children run around. Search for bugs. There are so many things that you can see and do outside. Let your imagination be your guide (or, just defer to your children as they will have lots of great ideas!)


    Do some gardening

    Getting your hands dirty is fun for children of any age! Working in the garden is a great way to get rid of some excess energy, you don’t have to have a big garden to have fun. You can use your imagination and just water the grass or trees, if you have a back yard you could get some flower pots and plant some seeds. 


    Jobs in the kitchen

    Children want to copy you and your behaviour. So, if you have a job that needs to be done, get your little one involved. Ask them to help you load the dishwasher or wipe off the counter. You will get your work done and have a little fun in the process.

    The Family Behind Bella & Bow

    The Family Behind Bella & Bow

    Our story

    Bella & Bow was started by two friends with different stories but the same aim; to create a business that would allow others to capture and preserve their most precious moments in family life. Our first creations were purely handmade, using solid sterling silver to feature handprints, footprints and fingerprints. We quickly expanded into engraved products too, and today our range is expanding further. 
    During 2016, a lot of changes have taken place, with the launch of new branding and a new website, focussing on Collecting Memories, to show what Bella & Bow truly believes in. 

    The Team
    We are now a team of 3, plus an extended family of helpers. We work from a small studio in the pretty village of Parbold in Lancashire. 
    Hi, my name is Fiona, I work closely alongside my small team to ensure that every product we make is a perfect keepsake to add to your growing collection. Having started the business after my daughter passed away, I know how important keepsakes can be. Memories make us who we are, and I'm passionate about helping people to create, cherish and gift them in a beautiful & unique way.
    I specialise in making all handmade products, with a little help from my friends of course!
    Team Bella & Bow
    Greta is our resident Girl Friday! She runs the studio day to day and is an expert in all things 'keepsake'. She's a very busy lady, whether it's designing and engraving gifts, answering emails and phone calls, or just generally looking after us. She is also in charge of organising and running our most important weekly event - Cake Friday!
    Team Bella & Bow
    Jenni is our resident social media, PR and local events expert. If you visit one of our pop up events in the Lancashire area, then Jenni will be the lady to help you choose your gifts and take your little one's prints. She spends her time in the studio answering social media enquiries, blogging and looking at ways to showcase our lovely gifts. 
    Team Bella & Bow